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A vanity cabinet is designed much like your kitchen cabinets with pull-out drawers that can be custom outfitted for your storage needs. Metro has several door and hardware styles to choose from that will fit your need.

Types of Cabinets & Vanities

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are the perfect choice for any kitchen. Not only do they provide a simple, classic look that never goes out of style, but they offer plenty of storage space and an easy-to-clean surface. And with their sleek design, these cabinets help to maximize your space in both large and small kitchens. Plus, there are lots of different finishes available so you can match them to your current décor.

Flat Panel or Slab Cabinets

Flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are the perfect combination of form and function, offering a timelessly elegant look and improved convenience. With their sleek lines and minimal detailing, these cabinets will add sophistication to your kitchen without overpowering it. Crafted from high-quality materials, they provide an added layer of durability that ensures longevity. Furthermore, these flat-panel cabinet doors come in a variety of colors and finishes so you can find the right style to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Louvered Cabinets

This luxurious upgrade to your kitchen cabinets will transform not only the look of your space but also how you store and organize items. Louvered kitchen cabinets are a stunning design choice that combines traditional style with modern functionality. With a beautiful finish on each individual wooden slat, these cabinets add a unique texture and visual interest to any room. The horizontal construction allows ample storage while still providing an airy feel to the kitchen area, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in any home.

Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinetry is an ideal option when you want to bring a touch of classic charm to your kitchen. Not only does it give the space a timeless look, but its vertical planks with ridges add texture and depth for an interesting visual effect. This type of cabinet door is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers more durability than some other options due to increased strength from the beads.

Distressed Cabinets

If you love an old-fashioned look but don’t want to give up modern convenience, distressed cabinets and drawers are the perfect way to achieve your dream kitchen. Our selection of distressed cabinets features a timeless charm that will add character and warmth to any space. The special distressing techniques used on these cabinetry pieces means they look naturally aged with no two exactly alike. This style is also incredibly versatile and can coordinate with any decor style from French Farmhouse to rustic industrial.

Custom Cabinets

Transform your kitchen into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With custom cabinets, you can have complete control over the style of your cabinets, ensuring they perfectly match the rest of your décor. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or something more traditional, our team of experienced designers will work with you to create the perfect cabinetry solution that is tailored specifically to meet your needs and budget.

Pedestal sink

A pedestal sink is an ideal choice for a small bathroom or any homeowner who is looking to upgrade without taking up too much space. It has a slim profile that is easy to install and requires no countertop or storage space. With its classic silhouette and simple installation process, this versatile sink can easily fit into any style of home adding an air of sophistication and elegance while allowing you to make the most out of every inch in your bathroom.

Floating Sink

Give your bathroom a contemporary, chic look with our wall-mounted vanity. Installed directly on the wall, this floating vanity will make your bathroom appear larger and give you more floor space underneath without sacrificing style or function. Perfect for those who don’t need extra storage options, simply add a countertop to complete the look. Our durable construction ensures it won’t budge or sway while in use, so you can have peace of mind that your vanity is secure and stable.

Vessel Sink

Transform your bathroom with this elegantly designed vessel sink! Its modern and sleek design is sure to impress with its intricate patterns and beautiful materials like metal or porcelain. Appearing as if it were floating above your counter, the bowl seamlessly rises from your sink area and has its own separate tap. This amazing style gives a unique touch to any bathroom that cannot be matched by traditional sinks. With easy installation, you’ll have a luxurious new look in no time!

Under mounted Sink

Finding the perfect sink for your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Our under-mounted sink minimizes countertop clutter while adding a sleek aesthetic to any area. Easy to install on nearly any countertop, this style of sink allows you to customize the exact size and shape of your sink basin while also maximizing counter space.

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